Face masks of a different kind for donkeys suffering from asthma

  • Watch Ken Goodwin's report from Penryn.

Donkeys in Cornwall have been proving it's not just humans who need a little helping hand for asthmatic conditions.

Traditional face masks and nebulizers do not quite do the trick but fortunately a company has donated an expensive respiratory aid to keep some of its special care residents more comfortable.

Penny's happy to wear her mask, providing she gets a treat after her 20 minute treatment. Credit: ITV News West Country

Penny the donkey has been trained to wear the bespoke donkey mask from BreathEazy to mist her medication.

More than 100 equines are looked after at the Flicka Foundation in Penryn.

It is not usual for donkeys to develop allergies and lung conditions especially those who have had a hard upbringing.

More than 100 donkeys and horses are looked after at the Flicka Sanctuary Credit: ITV News West Country

And while they have a reputation for being hard workers, many before coming to the rescue centre have been neglected and lived in appalling conditions.

The charity said it is vital they have now got a respiratory aid to treat equines with bronchoconstriction and recurrent airway obstruction.

The Flicka Foundation is celebrating its 25th anniversary however right now the sanctuary has been kept closed to the public during the ongoing Covid pandemic.

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