Fake 30mph speed camera sticker appears on sign in Cornish village

The fake 30mph speed limit and speed camera sticker appeared in a village near Wadebridge, Cornwall. Credit: Wadebridge Police

Police in Cornwall have issued a warning after a fake 30mph speed camera sticker was slapped on a road sign near Wadebridge.

The sticker - which suggested the road was 30mph and featured a speed camera symbol - was discovered on a road sign in Sladesbridge.

The speed limit on the road is in fact 40mph, and police say there is no active speed camera in the village.

The sticker has prompted a warning from local police officers based in Wadebridge. Credit: Wadebridge Police

Officers from Wadebridge Police have since warned the sticker could mean drivers escape prosecutions in the future.

“While we understand the reasons behind these stickers, they make life difficult for the prosecuting authorities,” Wadebridge Police posted on their Facebook page.

“Any street sign, whether it be speed restrictions, direction signs or warning signs have to adhere to a strict format, set out by Government.

The sticker has divided opinion among locals and users on social media, with some calling it criminal damage while others said a 30mph speed limit should be introduced.

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