Police warning after fake 'twenty poond' notes used in Cornish shops and takeaways

A picture of the fake 'twenty poond' notes circulating around Bodmin
A picture of the fake 'twenty poond' notes circulating around Bodmin. Credit: Bodmin Police

Devon and Cornwall Police has put out a warning after fake twenty pound notes were used in Bodmin.

Bodmin Police took to their Facebook page to show pictures of the counterfeit currency which has been used locally.

On the social media post, PCSO Annear wrote: "We've received reports of individuals using or attempting to use these 'Twenty Poond' notes in shops and takeaways.

The counterfeit currency being used in the town. Credit: Bodmin Police

"As you can see from the attached photos, these notes are clearly fake. They are all exactly the same, with the same serial number and wording identifying it as 'toy' money."

Shopkeepers have been asked to remain vigilant when accepting notes.

What to do if you receive counterfeit notes or coins and where to report:

  • If the notes have been passed and the suspect is not present, this should be reported via 101, by attending your local police station or online depending on the force area.

  • If the suspect is present at the location or still nearby, consideration should be given to contacting the police on 999.

  • Counterfeit notes should be retained and provided to the police as evidence, ideally inside a plastic wallet or paper envelope to preserve potential fingerprints.

  • If there is CCTV footage of the suspect available, this should be downloaded and provided to the police together with the counterfeit notes or coins.