Historic Bodmin Jail to reopen following multi-million-pound revamp

Video report by ITV News West Country reporter Grace Pascoe

One of Cornwall’s most historic sites is set to reopen following a multi-million pound re-development.

On October 1, Bodmin Jail will open its doors for people to discover the new Dark Walk experience for the very first time.

The total cost of the redevelopment will be around £40million.

This includes the creation of a new, 70-bed hotel, which is set within the 18th century prison walls, and will open later this year or early 2021.

Each cell in Bodmin Jail tells a woeful tale giving visitors a glimpse into Cornwall’s dark past. Credit: ITV West Country

Parts of the vast, Grade II listed building fell into disrepair after its last prisoners left a hundred years ago - making this a challenging project.

Martin Lyall says it's been a project with enormous challenges. Credit: ITV West Country

Martin Lyall, who is the chief executive of Bodmin Jail Attraction, says the revamped site will have a huge economic impact on Bodmin and Cornwall.

The new 'Dark Walk' explores Cornwall's past. Credit: ITV West Country

Bodmin Jail once housed over 35,000 prisoners and employed more than 147 staff during its operational life.

Bodmin Jail attraction opens on the 1st of October. Credit: Bodmin Jail

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