Former Art Attack presenter Neil Buchanan forced to deny Banksy rumours after conspiracy theories

070920- Art Attack's Neil Buchanan pictured in 2000- PA Images
Neil Buchanan is best-know for hosting the iconic children's art and crafts show Art Attack on ITV, during the 90s and early 2000s. Credit: PA Images

Former Art Attack presenter Neil Buchanan has been forced to issue a statement denying rumours that he is the elusive Bristol street artist Banksy.

His statement comes after a theory proposing that the 58-year-old, most known for presenting Art Attack on ITV for close to 30 years, was Banksy.

The idea began trending on social media when a Twitter user said the had heard a rumour that Buchanan was the world-famous artist.

They wrote: "Just heard that it's rumoured Neil Buchanan is Banksy. If true it's the funniest s*** ever. Aintree's finest."

"This is straight in the believe without question category."

The tweet explained that the reason it was easy to believe is that Buchanan, like Banksy, is a musician and "art has followed in the cities of shows he's done allegedly."

From there more and more people began to share the conspiracy claiming to believe the rumour as well.

After the conspiracy gained momentum, Buchanan was forced to issue a statement on his website denying it.

It reads: "We have been inundated with enquiries over the weekend regarding the current social media story."

"​Neil spent Lockdown with vulnerable members of his family and is now preparing to launch his new art collection in 2021. Thank you and please stay safe."

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