'Chemical spill' in Cornwall sees person taken to hospital

Emergency services were called to the Carbis Bay area on Wednesday 9 September Credit: Clive Oxley

A person was taken to hospital after a chemical leak in the Carbis Bay area of Cornwall.

It is believed an old domestic septic tank leaked into a stream and affected someone working nearby.

Emergency crews urged people living in the area to stay indoors and to close their windows yesterday afternoon. (Wednesday, 9 September)

Crews say the individual was overcome by fumes and taken to hospital but with no serious injuries.

Carbis Bay beach was closed as a safety measure and to allow for fire crews to test the water. However, access to the property where the leak is believed to have originated from is still restricted.

Emergency services at the beach testing the water for chemicals Credit: Credit: ITV News West Country

Cornwall Council have also released a statement stating: "There is no further risk to the public.

"The incident has not affected water ways in the area nor any other water sources.

"Residents living in and around Carninney Lane are being asked to stay away from the affected area as a precaution."