The West Country Debate September: Covid-19, tourism and fishing

Credit: ITV News

A turbulent six months for the region continues as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to affect lives and industries across the world.

The infection rate in the West Country has gone up and the number of people we can legally socialise with has been limited by the Government. 

Tourism and hospitality have been especially affected by lockdown with a lack of footfall costing some businesses tens of thousands of pounds. 

Businesses have had to make the most of a short summer as they were only able to re-open in a covid safe way in July.

Tourism brings in around ten billion pounds to the West Country economy a year.

Labour MP Kerry McCarthy says the lack of work will have a massive impact on people's lives:

Conservative MP Neil Parish believes there will also be issues for companies which have had to limit customer numbers to facilitate social distancing measures:

You can watch the West Country Debate in full below: