Fast food exclusion zones in South Gloucestershire would 'kill' high streets

A fifth of children leaving school are obese - South Gloucestershire Council wants to restrict fast food outlets to help tackle the problem. Credit: ITV West Country

A ban on new fast food outlets near schools will "kill" high streets, according to concerned councillors.

South Gloucestershire Council is fast-tracking the introduction Fast Food Exclusion Zones, which will stop new outlets from opening within 400 metres of any school.

Chipping Sodbury has 4 fast food outlets in the town. Credit: ITV West Country

But now there is concern in the rural market town of Chipping Sodbury, near Yate.

Liberal Democrat councillor Adrian Rush, who represents the town thinks that the measure is "over the top".

Chipping Sodbury has four fast food outlets, on or close to the main high street.

The town's primary and secondary school are less than 400 metres away from there.

If fast food outlets are further away from schools then pupils are less likely to be tempted by them. Credit: PA

If a new application was made for a fast food outlet, it is likely to be rejected by South Gloucestershire Council because of the exclusion zone.

South Gloucestershire Council wants children to think twice before eating fast food as according to the NHS a fifth of children leaving primary school are obese.

The Conservative administration believes safeguarding young people's health should be put before saving high streets.