Wedding guests battle Greek wild fires before Weston couple’s big day

The wedding party from Weston-super-Mare on Adam and Aaron's big day. Credit: Adam Murray

Members of a wedding party got more than they bargained as they prepared for one Weston couple's big day at a Greek villa.

The stunning location, and carefully-planned wedding of Adam Thomas and Aaron Al-Jeryan, looked like going up in smoke, after brush fires broke out nearby and threatened to overwhelm the area.

Flames and smoke threatened to overwhelm Bonaventure Villa in Anavyssos Credit: Adam Murray

As the villa's owners arranged for the guests’ evacuation to a local beach, many of the party stayed behind to help them protect the property.

The couple and their guests got stuck in to help when wild fires threatened the wedding venue Credit: Adam Murray

After spending hours dealing with the smoke and ash, disaster was eventually averted with local emergency services bringing the flames under control.

Helicopters collect seawater to release over the flames Credit: Adam Murray

The wedding was moved to the following day and was able to go ahead, this time without a hitch.

Aaron said "I truly love our hosts Ana and Nikolas. They went above and beyond to make our wedding stay reach all our expectations, so doing what we could to help protect their home was the least we could do."

The happy couple returned home to Weston-super-Mare as Mr and Mr Murray.

Speaking to the British Embassy in Athens, Nikolas, the owner of the estate, said:

“It was incredible how the whole group, boys and girls, embraced me with our predicament, grabbed hoses, and practically everyone was holding a hose and watering down the land next door, to keep the fire from spreading onto our land and our livelihood.

I was so moved, and I appreciated it so much – it shows the spirit and solidarity of the British people.

Nikolas, villa owner

"Best wishes to the happy couple, Mr and Mr Murray, and all their friends, old and new!"

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