Residents have their say on Westbury's controversial incinerator

  • Report by Caron Bell

Residents have until midnight to have their say on a controversial incinerator in Westbury.

Developers have identified a patch of land on an industrial estate in the town, which they say is ideally located because of transport links.

An artist's impression of the incinerator. Credit: Northacre Renewable Energy Ltd

"Westbury is centrally located in Wiltshire,” Ed Dodd, who is the project director, explained.

“There's good access links with the A350, up to the M4 and the north, and further south as required. 

“This whole industrial area has been allocated for waste management uses in the local plan."

The 'Northacre Energy from Waste Facility' would operate 24 hours a day, generating enough electricity to power 54,000 homes. 

The patch of land where the incinerator could be built, if it is given the necessary approval.

But some residents are not happy about the prospect of an incinerator, with some concerned about air pollution and traffic.

Last year, Public Health England found it is not possible to completely rule out adverse health effects from incinerators.

However, they suggested any potential impact on people living close by is likely to be very small. 

A poster on display in Westbury.

There are now 48 energy from waste incinerators in the UK, with one of the newest built at Javelin Park near Gloucester. 

The Government says they are a low source of pollution, though this is disputed by environmentalists.

To view the plans for an incinerator at Westbury, and to have your say before the comment window closes, click here.

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