Can this black cat sing his way to a happy new home?

This soulful character is hoping to sing his way into someone's heart. Credit: Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary

A three-legged cat looking for a new home has also got an unusual talent according to its foster parent.

Bruce lost his leg in a road accident and is how looking for a permanent home.

The musical moggy from Bristol has been caught singing along with his favourite girl band - The Nolans.

Bruce lives with Tina, a volunteer at Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary, but she is due to have an operation so can no longer look after him and wants to showcase his talents.

Bruce is an all around chatty fellow according to his foster parent Tina Credit: Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary

"My neighbours had some music on and then suddenly Bruce started mewing" said Tina.

"Remarkably it was in tune. He loves singing. Every time he hears music or I put the telly on he starts.

"It’s like he is drawn to it the minute it starts.

"I told my neighbours about it and asked what music they were playing as initially I thought it was Abba.

"But they said it was The Nolan Sisters. He seems to like them."

Not only is Bruce a crooner, he’s also quite a chatty fella too.

"It’s like you can actually have a proper conversation with him" said Tina.

"Although obviously his side is cat language. But I can sit there and talk away to him, like most people talk to their pets, and he actually talks back.

"He’s a very vocal cat all round."

His friends at Holly Hedge have nicknamed him Onyx like the precious like a gem. Credit: Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary

Having three legs does not hold Bruce back.

"He’s got getting around on three legs off to a tee," said Tina.

"He runs about at great speed and then spins around on his remainingleg and goes ‘me me’ to get my attention."

If you are looking to give a musical moggy a new home, you can contact Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary on 01275 474719.