Sand artist completes 500th piece on Brean beach

This jaw-dropping piece of sand art marks a significant milestone for snow and sand artist Simon Beck.

The 62-year-old Taunton resident has meticulously marked out and drawn his latest creation in the form of pyramids.

It's the 500th piece he's created and it has earned him an international reputation for his work.

Simon carefully measures out his designs which come to life looking down from the cliff tops. Credit: Instagram/@raed_shakman

The former cartographer creates his geometrical designs using a rake and a magnetic compass.

Each one typically takes seven hours to draw out and don't last long before the tide washes it away. 

He made his first design in snow by running in snow shows in the Alps in 2004, and his first sand design in 2014.

Simon's been commissioned to create pieces for ‘Sanditon Sisterhood’ fan group Credit: Simon Beck

He has now drawn more than 140 designs on Brean Beach including the recent drawing commissioned by the ‘Sanditon Sisterhood’ group which featured two 120-metre large faces of the TV show’s characters.