Exeter student leaves university campus after rise in coronavirus cases

A student at the University of Exeter has made the decision to leave the campus following a rise in coronavirus cases.

Keron Day, who has cerebral palsy, will study remotely from his family home near Helston, Cornwall.

He made the decision before the university imposed new restrictions on students on 28 September, banning them from mixing with other households.

Keron decided to leave the university before new restrictions were imposed.

“I made the decision to remove myself from the university campus due to the rise in coronavirus cases,” Keron told ITV News West Country.

“Initially, I thought it was a bit too soon to make a decision but on Sunday night, after I left, the university went into lockdown so I was pleased I made the decision when I did.

First of all, I thought I’m letting myself down a little bit - maybe I’m taking an easy decision to get out? But overall I’m very pleased I did because it means I can remove the risk, not entirely but I can lessen the risk to myself and my support team.

Keron Day, on deciding to return home to study

More than half of Exeter’s Covid-19 cases have been linked with the university’s students.

The main source of cases is believed to be students arriving who have already been infected elsewhere, and then passing it onto housemates.

For 14 days, starting on 28 September, students who live in Exeter are being asked not to meet indoors with anyone who is not part of their household.

New restrictions have been imposed at the University of Exeter to limit the spread of coronavirus among students.

Exceptions to these new restrictions will be made for study, work, organised sport, or in an emergency situation where people are in danger.

In a statement, a University of Exeter spokesperson said it is hoped the restrictions will limit the spread of the virus - and avoid a wider lockdown being imposed.

"We have agreed with Public Health England, Devon County Council and Exeter City Council that now is the time to ask students living in Exeter to take significant additional measures,” the spokesperson said.

"This is necessary to avoid further local restrictions, of the type already seen in a number of other universities.”

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