Adaptive surfers take part in first ever inland competition at Bristol's The Wave

Surfers have gathered in Bristol to take part in an annual adaptive surfing competition.

It is the first time the English Adaptive Surfing Open has taken place at an inland surfing lake and was held at The Wave.

20 para-athletes took part in the competition

Ben Powis, who is the Chief Executive of Surfing England, said: "Adaptive surfing continues to go from strength to strength, with the Team England Adaptive crew home to some of the world's best.

Credit: Credit: Gabriella Zagni / Image Cabin

The Wave opened last year at a site near Bristol. It was founded by Nick Hounsfield. Remembering his family holidays off the North Cornish coast in the 1970s and 1980s, the 45-year-old quit his job as an osteopath and spent years raising the millions needed for the project.

Credit: Credit: Gabriella Zagni / Image Cabin

Founder Nick Hounsfield said: "Ever since I started to think about creating The Wave, I knew that it had to be truly accessible for all.

"We designed the place with adaptive surfing at the very core what we want to deliver and made sure that people of all abilities would be able to share the many physical and mental health benefits of surfing.

"Our wave-making technology allows us to run a range of different surfing waves at the touch of a button - and we aren't at the mercy of the elements, which is perfect in terms of running a surfing competition.

"Having the 2020 English Adaptive Surfing Championships at The Wave is literally a dream come true - both for me but also for all our staff and supporters who have helped build my vision for The Wave."