Devon farmer launches special edition black heroes sausages for black history month

The special edition sausages are hoping to highlight some lesser known black British heroes Credit: ITV News West Country

A Devon farmer is hoping to use his well known produce brand to highlight Black History Month.

Wilfred Emmanuel Jones' Black Farmer branded sausages sell all over the UK.

And this month he's launched a special range to encourage supermarkets to celebrate figures from black British history in prime positions on their shelves.

Wilfred Emmanuel Jones is calling for Black History month to be more celebrated Credit: ITV News West Country

I wanted them to treat it like they treat Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day or thanksgiving day when they really go out to celebrate these special ocassions.

Wilfred Emmanuel Jones

"When people go into their local supermarkets, they should see wonderful displays of these sausages with these black heroes staring at them and hopefully that starts the conversation about more awareness."

These heroes include Mary Seacole, a nurse who set up the so-called "British Hotel" behind the lines during the Crimean War to nurse wounded soldiers.

And Sergeant Lincoln Orville Lynch, a World War Two gunner, whose story isn't widely known.

Sergeant Lincoln Orville Lynch Credit: ITV News West Country

"When I've seen war films and when I see things about the Battle of Britain I never associate that with people of colour," said Wilfred.

"And then to read about Sgt Lynch actually flying missions, going over Germany, and when we talk about the Battle of Britain you don't see or think about black people, you think that it's all a white victory and that's one of the reasons I've chosen him because you just don't put the two things together.

"But there are tons and tons of people out there that have been in British history for thousands of years that we don't know about.

I would like to get to the stage where you don't have a Black History Month because it's so much part of the mainstream that we don't need to have a special occasion to bring about awareness to cement it into the mainstream consciousness so hopefully in my lifetime I would like to see the thing that I've created no longer being necessary.

Wilfred Emmanuel Jones

Wilfred says he's been heartened this year to see more people across the country emphasise with the Black Lives Matter movement.

But from his farm in Devon, he still sees a lack of response from the grocery industry.

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