Sewage leak sees pedestrians dodging raw waste in Cheltenham

The sewer here has overflowed leaking its contents onto Stoke Road in Bishops Cleeve. Credit: ITV News West Country

Raw sewage has been leaking from a drain cover during heavy rain near Cheltenham.

It means people using the pedestrian crossing on Stoke Road in Bishops Cleeve have to dodge spray from cars as the waste forms pools in the road.

One resident told ITV News it is is "disgusting" and despite reporting the problem to Severn Trent before, but it continues to happen.

This is a busy crossing used by many parents taking their children to school.

Severn Trent Water say they have begun work to clear the blockage.

It added: "The heavy rain we've experienced recently has caused things like wet wipes to spill out onto the road, which we understand is extremely unpleasant. We've been out to remove the blockage and clean up the road.

"Blockages like this can be easily prevented if people simply bin their wipes and sanitary products, instead of flushing them down the loo."

Toilet rolls and other unpleasant items have been found along the footpath as the water bubbles up Credit: ITV News West Country