Somerset rapper opens studio for people who have disabilities to make music

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A music studio for people with disabilities has been opened near Shepton Mallet.

Kidmenace Studios has been launched by Mark Humphries who hopes it will become a hub for disabled people around the West Country who have a passion for music.

Mark, who lives in Street, said being a musician who is also disabled has been challenging: "I think it’s seen as a novelty act initially. They’re like ‘oh, fair enough - he’s having a crack at it’.

"But when they actually see that we can do just as much as anyone else it really blows people away.

"I want to just try and break those barriers a bit and just show that we can party just as much as anyone else!"

Scott Howells, from Bournemouth, DJs by using his nose Credit: ITV News West Country

It is artists like Scott Howells who will benefit from Mark's studio.

He DJs by using his nose and will be travelling to the venue from Bournemouth because there simply are not many accessible studios around.

Scott, who performs as 'DJ Nose It', said: "It makes me feel amazing to watch people enjoying my DJ set.

"My dream festival booking is Glastonbury on the Arcadia stage because it’s an epic stage and arena setup.

"If I could DJ from my wheelchair on their unbelievable platform it will show that everyone can DJ, regardless of physical ability."

Kidmenace Studios was officially opened by Glastonbury Festival founder Michael Eavis Credit: ITV News West Country

Kidmenace Studios is based at the Royal Bath & West Showground, near Shepton Mallet.

It was officially opened by Glastonbury Festival founder Michael Eavis, who said: "They’re very good, aren’t they? They can do it as well as anyone else can.

"To make that facility available for people that are disabled is a great thing to do. It’s wonderful."

Mark said: "If I could try and arrange something where some big names are supporting it and in between we put disabled artists on in front of thousands of people that’s going to make change to so many people. I think that’s the dream!"