Two Somerset football matches abandoned after abuse on the pitch

Shipham football players walk off pitch after alleged homophobic abuse from opposition Credit: Google Maps

Somerset Football Association is looking into two allegations of abuse toward players over the weekend.

Shipham AFC walked off the pitch on Saturday October 10, when it was alleged that one of the Portishead Town players made a homophobic and abusive comment towards one of their team mates.

The Portishead club responded on Twitter with: "It's been brought to our attention that there was an incident involving one of our players in our A team match away vs Shipham today, to which we have responded to with those involved. We are fully inclusive family oriented club and do not condone this sort of behaviour and will investigate and assist the league and Shipham once the report is in."

We do not condone this sort of behaviour.

Portishead FC

The club went on to say; "However, that said, we do feel that it's somewhat unfair for certain parties to use their position to continue to tweet incendiary comments towards our players, given they are all his viewpoint alone. Again, as a club we do NOT find this behaviour acceptable, but to conduct a public witch hunt and act as judge and jury in this manner is not conclusive to a positive outcome for either side. We will work with Shipham and the league in any way required, but please give some thoughts to your tweets."

The Somerset Football Association has responded on Twitter saying that they have seen reports of the incident; "this makes for sad reading; please ensure that your observations are provided to us. If the ref heard I'm sure we will receive their report, but further information is beneficial. Abuse and discrimination will not be tolerated."

Meanwhile Clevedon United say their players abandoned their game after one their players was attacked by a supporter of the opposition, Burnham United.

The Somerset Football Association has responded on Twitter saying; "this is horrible to read and actions like this won't be tolerated."

They went on to say; "We will await the club observations and referee reports, then undertake a thorough investigation from Monday, followed by any and all necessary action as we do for every misconduct report."