Police dog sniffs out man wanted from prison hiding in a cave

Turns out hiding in a cave in North Somerset is not a foolproof plan when you are hiding from the police.

That is what one wanted man found out when Avon and Somerset Police dog Jet sniffed him out on Monday evening (12 October).

The force tweeted this video of the officer's body camera footage as they searched through the undergrowth in Leigh Woods at 9.30pm.

In the video you can see the officer wake up the man who was wanted on recall to prison.

Police found the man wanted on prison recall hiding in Leigh Woods, Avon Gorge Credit: Avon and Somerset Police

In the video you can hear the officer say, "Ello mate, police officer with a dog. You're wanted mate."

He then goes on the radio to other officers and says he will bring the man out.

On social media, plenty of people have been commenting that PD Jet has been a 'very good boy'.

Hands up - the moment a police dog sniffed out this man on the run from prison. Credit: Avon and Somerset Police

Avon and Somerset says the man they discovered is now back behind bars.