Sir David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg in conversation for Bristol film festival

The pair have drawn international attention for their campaigns to protect planet earth. Credit: PA Images

Two of the biggest names in climate change activism will be speaking at a Bristol's Wildscreen festival.

Sir David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg will be in conversation speaking virtually from their respective homes in the UK and Sweden.

There are 77 years separating them but the pair share a shared passion to protect the natural world.

The Wildscreen programme says the two will discuss the most pressing issue of our age - the climate emergency. This is a unique chance to hear two of the most influential figures of our time honestly discussing their opinions of where are now and where we need to be.

They will ask each other questions about what we can do to empower ourselves to look after our planet and their experiences of communicating the impacts humans have and are continuing to make on the environment.

The internationally renowned festival celebrates filmmakers and the advances in the art of natural world storytelling.

David and Greta will give a nod to the wildlife filmmaking community, commending their vital work and the importance of the conservation stories told through their films.

Sue Martineau, interim Wildscreen CEO said: “We are so proud that two of the most famous figures in the fight against climate change have agreed to take time out of their exceptionally busy schedules to appear at Wildscreen Festival 2020. The brave and powerful voices of the iconic naturalist Sir David Attenborough and the climate and environmental activist Greta Thunberg is a compelling gift and couldn’t be more pertinent in our current global crisis.”

David Attenborough's latest documentary 'A Life On Our Planet' is now streaming on Netflix and Greta Thunberg's film 'I Am Greta' is also about to be released on streaming site Hulu.