Washed-up flare detonated by bomb squad on Cornish beach

Authorities in Cornwall have issued a warning after a dangerous phosphorus flare was detonated on a beach.

The flare was found on Porthpean Beach, near St Austell, on 20 October.

Its discovery prompted a response from emergency services, including the Royal Navy’s bomb disposal unit.

The flare contained phosphorus, which can cause life-threatening injuries if acitvated. Credit: St Austell Coastguard

The beach was subsequently cordoned off and the device exploded.

A spokesperson for St Austell Coastguard said more of the devices may wash up on nearby beaches in the coming weeks, and warned members of the public to call 999 if they see one.

What is a phosphorus flare?

The flares, which are effectively marine location markers, wash up on beaches from time to time and can cause life-threatening injuries if the phosphorus is activated.

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