Tiny squid shoots black ink in Newquay beach rock pool

A tiny squid has been filmed inking in a rock pool in Cornwall.

The creature was found swimming in a pool on a beach in Newquay earlier this week by Psymon Shields.

He said: "It was taken in the rock pools between Tolcarne and Lusty Glaze beach on an incoming tide yesterday afternoon."

The squid inked before swimming away. Credit: Psymon Shields

The fascinating video shows the small creature swimming around the videographer's hand before swimming away and shooting black ink.

It is not the first time that people in Cornwall have found such creatures in rock pools. 

In August last year, children on Castle Beach, Falmouth, found an octopus. It was filmed by The Rock Pool Project.

It was believed to be a curled octopus, named after the way they curl up their arms, which they use to catch their prey.

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