Police break up another house party in Exeter as students breach coronavirus rules

Some of the students were issued with fines. Credit: PA images

A Devon and Cornwall Police officer has expressed frustration at coronavirus rule flouters after police had to break up a student house party in Exeter.

PC Amelia Hawkins took to Twitter to tell users about the incident, which saw officers break up the party at a house in the city on Saturday 24 October.

She also said some of the attendees, who it is understood were from the University of Exeter, attempted to run away as the police arrived.

On Twitter she said: "While it appears most University of Exeter students now realise Devon and Cornwall Police are serious about the rule of six, others blatantly disregard with a house party thinking they can escape through back gardens when we arrive."

PC Amelia Hawkins' Tweet:

In total 12 fines were given out by police and in the replies to her tweet PC Hawkins added that the university "have stepped up adding their own additional fines on top" and "some other sanctions to get the message across."

She signed off the post with the hashtags "#doyouthinkwerethatstupid" and "#Expensive".

PC Hawkins' reiteration of the rule of six comes after separate incidents of rule breaching at the university.

In recent days videos have emerged of several parties taking place, despite the fact students have been banned from socialising with other households.

On Friday 16 October police were called to two separate gatherings and a larger party on the following Sunday. That weekend officers also issues seven fixed penalty notices at a halls of residence on St German's Road.

The University of Exeter said most students have followed the rules, but will take action when some break them.