Container full of nappies washes ashore in North Devon

Credit: Sean McGuinness

A container full of nappies has washed ashore in North Devon. 

The container is one of 11 initially reported floating in the sea off Land's End last week after falling from a ship.

It washed ashore near Hartland Point in North Devon, spilling its contents on to the beach on the morning of 27 October. 

Emergency authorities were notified and a Coastguard rescue team was sent to the scene to help salvage efforts.

Credit: Sean McGuinness

The Coastguard says shipping containers "were lost from a container ship on 20th October".

It added: "Of the 11 which were initially reported, six were empty and five contained non-hazardous cargoes.  Some may have sunk as not all have been seen during vessel and aircraft searches."

The Coastguard says a vessel managed to secure a tow to one of the containers in difficult weather conditions, and it received reports of the container which washed ashore this morning at around 11.30am.