Devon beautician warns against ‘backstreet’ procedures during second lockdown

Beauticians at a clinic in Devon have issued a warning against getting treatments from unqualified practitioners during lockdown.

Staff at Maison Aesthetique in Totnes say treatments such as botox injections and face-fillers should only be carried out by trained professionals.

It comes after the clinic saw a rise in the number of people coming to them for corrective work following botched procedures during England’s first national lockdown.

Dr Fatamia says unofficial treatments can have serious consequences.

A second national lockdown - lasting four weeks - will come into effect on 5 November.

Dr Fatamia added that complications can arise when treatments are carried out by people who are either untrained or uninsured.

“Complications can happen that are quite serious,” she said. “Vascular occlusion for example, that’s a blockage of a vessel which can cause death of tissue.

Dr Fatamia said her clinic saw a rise in the number of people coming to them for remedial work following the first lockdown.

“It’s a very serious complication and if it’s left and not treated correctly, it can be quite detrimental so it is really important.”

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