How Plymouth and Bristol marked ‘lockdown eve’

Police out on patrol in Plymouth before the second lockdown came into force. Credit: ITV News West Country

Pubs and bars across the West Country were busier than usual as people enjoyed a final night out before the second lockdown.

Hundreds of people were seen out in Plymouth and Bristol in the hours before new restrictions came into force.

The lockdown, which starts on 5 November, is due to last four weeks.

People out on Bristol's harbourside.

Under the new rules, non-essential shops, leisure and entertainment venues must close - including pubs, bars and restaurants, though some businesses are permitted to offer food and alcohol takeaway.

Those out enjoying their evening told ITV News West Country they wanted to “make the most it” before lockdown was imposed.

Another commented: “We have the right to enjoy our first year, second year, graduation year or whatever year we’re in at university.”

The harbourside area in Bristol was particularly busy, as were the pubs and bars in Union Street in Plymouth.

Union Street in Plymouth was particularly busy.

Two friends on a night out in Plymouth said they were “going to go big”.

“We’re going to go big tonight and then not going to see each other for a month,” they explained.

“I just hope we can go back for Christmas, that’s all. If it’s more than a month, it’s going to be a bit rubbish.”

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