Five Torbay pubs and bars are fined for breaking coronavirus rules

The breaches happened before lockdown, when Tier One restrictions were in place. Credit: PA Images

Five Torbay pubs and bars have been issued with fines after breaking coronavirus rules.

Two venues in Torquay, two in Brixham and another in Paignton, have each been ordered to pay £1,000 after licensing checks by police and Torbay Council.

The checks took place before the second lockdown, when the region was under Tier One coronavirus restrictions.

The rules that were broken include operating without table service, no social distancing being observed, staff not wearing face coverings, a lack of observation of Track and Trace requirements and late closing of premises after 10pm.

Devon and Cornwall Police have not revealed the names of the venues. They say that, in all five cases, the rules were being overtly flouted with no consideration for staff and customers and so enforcement action had to be taken.

In each of these cases there has been a series of breaches of the legislation – at times multiple breaches in a number of areas – requiring ourselves and the local authority to take appropriate enforcement action.

Inspector Howard Brugge, Devon and Cornwall Police

The inspector stressed that the police make every effort to not have to take enforcement steps but added, "our communities expect us to protect them, and in these cases, the fines issued have been appropriate and proportionate."

The Leader of Torbay Council, Steve Darling says most of the local businesses in Torbay are adhering with Covid-19 legislation and expressed his disappointment that a few have broken the rules.

We all have a responsibility to ensure we continue to follow the rules set out by Government. Social distancing is the best weapon we have to fight the virus along with wearing face coverings where mandated and practicing good hand hygiene.

Cllr Steve Darling, Leader of Torbay Council

Both say they're grateful to the majority of businesses who are respecting the regulations and playing their part in making the communities of Torbay and South Devon safer.