Torbay cruise ships sound a salute for Remembrance Sunday

  • The Remembrance Salute

With churches, civic services and parades on Remembrance Sunday severely curtailed - or banned altogether - due to the coronavirus pandemic, people have found new ways to mark the sacrifice made by members of the armed forces.

The Royal British Legion called for people to come to their doorsteps to honour the fallen in a two minute silence at 11am while in Devon, cruise ships moored in Torbay joined with the fishing fleet in a unique tribute.

The Volendam was one of the cruise ships that took part in the Remembrance Sunday salute. Credit: ITV West Country

The ships used their horns to salute the servicemen and women who gave their lives in conflict and then fell silent, serving as a reminder to people in the area to take time out to remember those who gave their lives for our freedom.

The idea started when a local resident, Louise Lewis, posted a message on the Brixham community Facebook page on Thursday asking: "Could as many boat owners in the bay, including possibly the wonderful cruise ships, all sound three horns at 11am on Sunday followed by two minutes silence then a further three blasts after the silence?"

One of the biggest cruise ship companies, the Holland America Line (HAL), took up the idea and their four ships off Torbay - the Volendam, the Westerdam, the Zaandam and the Nieuw Statendam - all took part.

People in Torquay took time out to join in the two minute silence, heralded by the cruise ships' horns. Credit: ITV West Country

Louise says: "This way everyone in the bay could be reminded to pay their two minutes' respect to those who gave so much for us during all wars.

"As parades aren't allowed to go ahead in the current lockdown it could be a way to bring everyone together in a similar way to the clap for NHS."

Our camera filmed the sounding of horns and subsequent silence across Torbay from Meadfoot Bay with many passers-by stopping and paying their own silent tribute.