Rangers 'saddened' after discovering fly-tipped rubbish on Dartmoor National Park

fly tipping credit Dartmoor Rangers
Credit: Dartmoor Rangers

Rangers on Dartmoor National Park are 'saddened' after discovering masses of rubbish fly-tipped on the beautiful park.

Speaking to ITV News, Andrea Roberts a Sector Ranger for Dartmoor National Park said there is "obviously no thought or consideration for the National Park, for the people or Wildlife that live here."

The rubbish had been dumped in a lane and was discovered by the rangers.

According to the rangers, the clear up operation will be both "costly and timely."

Credit: Dartmoor Rangers

Andrea added: "This is now going to involve a costly and timely effort to remove this, especially at a time where the Country is already struggling financially and emotionally. We could do without this. Local tips are still open, so there is no excuse."

The post on Facebook read:

"Really, really saddened to come across/ be informed of these recent fly tips in our beautiful national park. Please be vigilant and if you see anything suspicious please don’t hesitate to contact either ourselves, the Police or the local councils. It’s time this kind of behaviour was stopped."