Owner of "huge" cat makes desperate plea for strangers to stop feeding her

 fat cat credit DEVON LIVE
Sheena Wilson is eager to find out who is stopping her British Blue from losing weight. Credit: Devon Live

The owner of a huge cat from Devon is desperately trying to find out who is feeding her pet.

Sheena Wilson, from Exmouth, is eager to find out who is stopping Iris - her beloved British Blue - from losing weight.

The cat - which weighs 7.5kg - has been putting on weight despite being on a strict low-fat calorie controlled diet.

Sheena has now posted on a community page on Facebook, asking people not to feed Iris.

"She's getting bigger and bigger," Sheena added. "We cannot keep her indoors. Her diet, as you can see, is not going very well."

Sheena explained Iris is now too big to get out of the cat flap, and needs to shift the weight in order to undergo an operation.

The family say they are not sure if Iris is finding food put out for hedgehogs or being fed by an overly-kind neighbour.

Iris weighs 7.5 kilograms. Credit: Devon Live

Sheena said: "She's a bit of a diva and she likes to be the centre of attention. She's the only one allowed on our bed - and won't let the other cats on.

"She's been in denial about being on a diet for some time and continues to beg for treats.

"It's becoming a problem for her now as only her head fits in the flap on the door, which we have locked.

"So she can only use it to play peek a boo and can't fit the rest of her in it. Iris has now resorted to tapping on the door to come and go."

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