Cheltenham woman discovers two-headed worm and names it 'Kevin and Perry'

two headed worm credit Gloucestershire Live
Sherrie and her partner came across the two-headed worm while out in the garden. Credit: Gloucestershire Live / Sherrie Fox

A woman from Cheltenham had quite a surprise after discovering a two-headed worm in her garden. After Sherrie Fox found the unusual creepy crawly she decided to name one head 'Kevin' and the other 'Perry', after the famous characters played by Harry Enfield and Kathy Burke.

Sherrie and her partner came across the two-headed creature while out in her garden near Gallagher Retail Park on Sunday 8 November and took some pictures of the oddity before putting it back.

Credit: Gloucestershire Live

She said people have been "fascinated" by the find and that she has also been told it is "quite rare".

When asked what she did with the worm after discovering it Sherrie, who lives with her partner, said: "I gently popped it in a plant pot in our garden.

"So hopefully it’s not to gone too far.

"I hope it’s not wriggled out and gone underground. I would love to see it again."