Final homes demolished on Plymouth's historic North Prospect estate

The final stage of a major project to demolish hundreds of houses on a Plymouth estate is now complete. 

North Prospect has been transformed by the multi-million pound regeneration - and this week the last of the old properties was flattened.

The final home on the estate was demolished this week Credit: Red Air Drones Aerial Media LTD

Colin Spilsbury, who lived on the estate as a young man, said: "I like the modern housing. Where we lived fifty or sixty years ago it was in need of modernisation. I'm all for it, it's an improvement."

The North Prospect estate, formerly known as Swilly, was built as a home for soldiers returning from the First World War.

Over the years it developed a reputation for violence and anti social behaviour, and the houses became run down and unfit for modern living.

When the project is complete it will have delivered more than 1,000 new homes. Credit: ITV News

Plymouth City Council leader Tudor Evans, who represents Ham ward, said: "North Prospect was, for many years, used to making do and being very resourceful. We've still got that spirit, but we're being asked to put it into a different environment now. So that's what the next phase is all about."

The whole project, which will produce more than a thousand new homes, is expected to be fully complete within the next four years.

John Clark, chief executive of Plymouth Community Homes, said: "It's not just about the homes, it's about the feeling of this part of the city. So it's a very exciting time."

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