Happy ending for long distance love during lockdown

  • Report by Richard Lawrence

One couple has found love at the height of the lockdown after bonding online.

They nearly called it off because they lived 10,000 miles apart but, instead, Andrew Monck from Sydney in Australia has just moved in with his new girlfriend, Rosanna Wilson, in Paignton, Devon.

Rosanna says, "It feels like we've been together for ever, it's weird".

Andrew says, "It's just easy. We've gone from nothing to everything, haven't we? I've moved in with you and it's..."

Rosanna interrupts, "You're very good though, you do the washing up and everything."

The romance started when Andrew discovered Rosanna's vlog about being single. Credit: Rosanna Wilson

The pair had met briefly at a party in Torquay 10 years ago but did not give each other a second glance.

Their love story began when Rosanna started a vlog called 'The 30 Something Singleton' on YouTube.

Andrew, a photographer, had been watching her videos and offered to give the male side of being single in his 30s.

As soon as they saw each other on a video call, there was instant attraction.

Their long distance relationship had to overcome a huge time difference. Credit: Rosanna Wilson / Andrew Monck

They courted over four months of lockdown. They shared dinners, walks and watching Netflix - all over video - and were determined to make it work, despite the time difference.

But, when they realised they had properly fallen for each other, they could not be apart.

Andrew was granted an exemption to leave Australia permanently and travelled 10,000 miles to start a new life with his love.

In each others arms at last - the pair finally meet at Heathrow airport. Credit: Andrew Monck

Arriving via Singapore, Andrew did not have to quarantine and the two practically ran into each others arms, united at last.

Andrew says, "I was looking around for her and I couldn't see her and then we finally made eye contact.

"It was almost a little bit of a run towards each other and then she just jumped into my arms and I just grabbed her and we just held each other."

Rosanna says, "I let out a little yelp. I had a sign with me and he just came up to me and we hugged."

The couple have attached a padlock declaring their love to Torquay pier - a matching one is in Sydney. Credit: ITV West Country

Rosanna has a tattoo showing the longitude and latitude of Sydney harbour, while Andrew has a matching one with the co-ordinates of Torquay harbour.

He also has two padlocks, one he left in Sydney and one he has now attached to the pier, declaring their love for each other.

Whatever you might feel about attaching padlocks to landmarks, it certainly sums up their lockdown love affair.

Time will tell if the loving couple stay in Devon or move to warmer climes on the other side of the world. Credit: ITV West Country

Now the couple are waiting to see how Covid-19 pans out before making long-term decisions about their future and whether they plan to settle in Australia or Devon.