Somerset farmer is expecting bumper Christmas tree sales after lockdown rules are changed

A Christmas tree farmer from Somerset says he is expecting a bumper year, after the Government announced changes to the lockdown rules. From this weekend sellers are allowed to open.

Since the announcement, Mendip Christmas Tree Farm in Dean, Somerset says it has been inundated with calls from customers wanting to buy a tree.

Barnaby MacFie inspects one of his 50,000 trees.

Christmas tree farmer, Barnaby MacFie said: "Customers were initially worried they wouldn't be able to get hold of a Christmas tree in lockdown and Christmas would be ruined."

Barnaby MacFie runs Mendip Christmas Tree Farm

Barnaby said the Government announcement was a big relief to them. "It takes away all that uncertainty we have been having for the past few weeks," he explained.

Now we can look forward to a really good Christmas.

Barnaby MacFie, Mendip Christmas Tree Farm
Barnaby MacFie owns the largest Christmas Tree Farm in the West Country

Mendip Christmas Tree Farm is the largest in the South West and grows around fifty thousand trees.

Now shops and stalls have been given the go-ahead to sell trees in lockdown, sellers are expecting a bumper year.

Christmas tress at Mendip Christmas Tree Farm.

People have been ringing wanting to get their tree earlier this year, so they can brighten up their homes and get into that Christmas cheer.

Barnaby MacFie, Christmas Tree Farmer

"There are more people staying at home because they're not flying away on holiday and they're just going to want to make it a better Christmas for their families," explained Barnaby. "We anticipate sales going up this year."