Drug dealer who sold cocaine on Snapchat from Exeter city centre hotel jailed

23/11/20- Drug dealer Kurtis Doel from Bristol-BPM Media
Kurtis Doel was found with around £3,600 worth of cocaine in the room he was sharing with a fellow dealer. Credit: BPM Media

A drug dealer who was filmed washing his face in a large bowl of cocaine has been jailed.Kurtis Doel and two of his friends ran a street supply operation in which they bought cocaine and then sold it on through Snapchat.

They were arrested after they set up shop in a city centre hotel in Exeter, where they paid in cash and aroused suspicion by making regular trips to meet buyers.Doel had around £3,600 worth of cocaine in a safe in the room he was sharing with fellow dealer Ben Mitchell while the third member of the group, Liam Elliott, was in another room.Police found him in bed with his girlfriend. He had £400 cash, a small amount of high-quality cocaine on a table, a vice, and a stash of benzocaine cutting agent.There were pictures on their phones of all of them handling the drugs - including one of Doel splashing the white powder over his face from a large bowl.

Liam Elliot Credit: BPM Media

Elliott’s role was to cut, press and bag up the drugs, while Mitchell sold them through his Snapchat account, Exeter Crown Court was told.Doel, 22 and of Grange Court Road in Adsett, Bristol; Mitchell, 22 and of Raglans in Alphington, Exeter; and Elliott, 26 and of Pellinore Road in Exeter, all admitted possession of cocaine with intent to supply.

Doel and Mitchell were jailed for two years and nine months and Elliot for two years and six months by Recorder Suzanne Chalmers.

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She said: “There were some extremely unfortunate photographs and messages on Doel’s phone showing him holding a large bowl of cocaine which must have been of considerable value."Mitchell used Snapchat to advertise the cocaine. He may have been paying off a drug debt but was motivated by financial advantage and expensive clothing was found at his home which he had no legitimate means to afford.”

Ben Mitchell Credit: BPM Media

Josh Ticehurst, for Doel, said all three were equally involved and Doel was foolish and did not realise the seriousness of what he doing.

The court heard he was drawn in through his own heavy use of drugs, which spiralled after a family bereavement.

Will Parkhill, for Mitchell, said he is ashamed of what he did and acted immaturely.

Rachel Smith, for Elliott, said he ran into debt after using drugs to combat the after effects of an abusive childhood but is now clean of his addiction and planning to live a law abiding life on his release.

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