Black Friday: Why shoppers in the West Country are supporting local

Watch: West Country shoppers on supporting local traders.

Shop owners across the West Country have issued a "plea for support" ahead of Black Friday.

Some of the biggest discounts are to be found online this year, as many local stores have been forced to close due to the second coronavirus lockdown.

The Black Friday craze originated in America but in recent years UK shops have caught on to the trend.

Many businesses offer online discounts on Black Friday, to increase custom ahead of the festive period.

Big retailers offer their customers heavily discounted prices in a bid to increase custom ahead of the festive period.

But that in turn can force many away from independent retailers, who have already struggled this year due to the pandemic.

'We need to save our high street'

Shoppers in Bristol and Tavistock in Devon have told ITV News West Country where they plan to do their Christmas shopping this year.

This shopper in Tavistock said independent retailers will suffer if people do not support them this year.

"The only option is to shop online, which is a shame because local businesses need the support more than ever," one shopper in Bristol said.

"We need to save our high street and do what we can to help keep it going," a woman shopping in Tavistock said.

"It's just important to keep the small shops open, it keeps the towns alive," another said.

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