Cornwall's tourism boss welcomes Tier 2 visitors as long as they abide by the rules

People from Tier 2 areas will be welcome in Cornwall at the end of lockdown, tourism bosses said. Credit: PA images

Cornwall's tourism boss has revealed visitors from Tier 2 will be welcome in the county after England's second lockdown, but is not expecting an influx like the one this summer.

Malcolm Bell, Chief Executive of Visit Cornwall, said the region has seen a 10% rise in visitor numbers since local tiers were announced on Thursday 26 November.

Unlike the end of lockdown in July, when traffic to Cornwall "doubled overnight", Mr Bell is expecting tourist numbers to be much lower at this time of year.

Speaking to PA news he said: "We coped with 180,000 to 200,000 extra people in August.

"The maximum we would talk about this time of year is 20,000 if that. So people would be welcome as long as they abide by the rules, and the age profiles of people visiting this time of year, they are likely to be most compliant", he added.

Cornwall is one of just three parts of England that will go into Tier 1 when lockdown lifts on 2 December.

Thousands of people flocked to Cornwall's beaches during the summer months.

Mr Bell said enforcing the rules will be more challenging in the evenings when people might be tempted to cross the border from Devon to visit pubs in Cornwall.

In Tier 1 areas people can visit them without having to buy a substantial meal with a pint. But, Mr Bell said, "you can tend to spot visitors."

Devon and Cornwall Police has also allocated 10 extra patrol cars to its coronavirus task force, which will respond to "Covid-related matters" as the restrictions ease.

Tavistock will be under Tier 2 rules.

In Devon, which will be in Tier 2, non-essential retail businesses can reopen on 3 December but pubs and restaurants face tougher restrictions than their neighbours over the border.

Nicky Edmund, an independent shopkeeper in Tavistock, will be staying open late three nights a week in the hope of attracting as much business as possible.

But, she said, "I don't envisage that being enough for us to make up for what we've lost."

John Hooker is Chef Proprietor at The Cornish Arms in Tavistock.

The team there has set up a sheltered outdoor seating area so they can welcome visitors from different households when serving a substantial meal.

John said: "We've just to keep on keeping on, really. Just plough on through. We'd love to be in Tier 1 but that's just not possible. We're in Tier 2 so we have to make the best of it."