Monolith with 'Not Banksy' slogan appears on Glastonbury Tor

The metallic monolith with the words 'Not Banksy' on it was spotted on Glastonbury Tor early on 9 December. Credit: Alex Phister

A strange monolith has appeared at Glastonbury Tor bearing the slogan 'Not Banksy'. The metallic feature was installed on top of the National Trust site just outside Glastonbury.

It seems to be part of a global phenomenon, with the mysterious objects cropping up in the USA, Romania, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and, most recently, the Isle of Wight.

The first one was spotted in the wilderness in Utah on 18 November.

Some think the monoliths are a stunt by Bristol street artist Banksy but the words 'Not Banksy' on the Glastonbury Tor one indicate that is not the case.

Banksy's famous rat motif has been stencilled onto the monolith. Credit: Alex Phister

The structure does however feature a Banksy-esque rat on its reverse - one of the artist's most iconic symbols.

Banksy usually acknowledges his works on his Instagram account and this has not happened, supporting the idea that this is a copycat installation.

It looks like the sculpture has not been put in place very securely. This tweet by Glastonbury photographer Michelle Cowbourne shows the monolith lying on its side.

There is concern that installing the object may have damaged the Tor.

The National Trust says, “Glastonbury Tor is a Scheduled Ancient Monument and any actions like this may have caused damage to this fragile site and may encourage others to do the same.“The National Trust looks after large amounts of land which is protected for its importance for wildlife, nature and archaeology.

"To prevent the risk of damaging important sites, we insist that anybody who wishes to put something on our land must always contact us first.”

The monolith looked stunning as the sun rose over the Somerset Levels - but there are concerns that it might damage the site. Credit: Alex Phister