Cornish holiday providers say they'll turn away Tier 3 Christmas bookings

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Some accommodation providers in Cornwall say they won't be taking Christmas bookings from Tier 3, even though it will be temporarily allowed under government rules.

Between December 23 and 27, there will be new coronavirus rules to enable people to create 'Christmas bubbles'.

The rule-change will mean people can form a bubble of a maximum of three households, from any tier. Travel between all tiers will be allowed.

Bosinver Farm Cottages in Trelowth, near St Austell, has been turning away people in Tier 3 who wanted to book Christmas stays.

The UK is currently following a three-tier system, where Tier 3 is the highest alert level. Cornwall is in Tier 1 - the lowest possible level - which is classed as 'medium' alert.

The Cornwall Hotel and Spa near St Austell also says it will not accept any bookings from people in Tier 3, both now and at Christmas.

The hotel's manager Lauren Roberts said: "We're not accepting anyone who is in a Tier 3, however if they are in a Tier 2 they still can't mix with another household."

Under the Christmas bubble rules:

Between December 23 and 27 you can form an exclusive ‘Christmas bubble’ composed of people from no more than three households.

You can stay in a hotel during the Christmas period, including in a 'Tier 3: Very High' alert area by yourself, or with other members of your household.

You can only meet your Christmas bubble in a hotel if it is the primary residence of one of the members of your bubble. This is also the case for other types of non-private residence (for example an educational establishment or Bed & Breakfast). If this applies to you, you must not mix with your Christmas bubble in any shared facilities or spaces, like a restaurant.

If someone is in your Christmas bubble, you can visit each other’s homes and stay overnight, including in private rented accommodation. You can also go to a place of worship together, or meet in public outdoor spaces.

You cannot meet your Christmas bubble in any other indoor setting, such as a pub, hotel, shop, theatre, or restaurant.

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