Royal embroiderer says pandemic has left business on the verge of collapse

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A woman who helped make wedding dresses for the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex says the coronavirus crisis has left her business on the verge of collapse.

Chloe Savage, from Bristol, says her family are at risk of homelessness despite working with royalty as orders have dried up.

Her small business doesn't qualify for any government support.

Chloe's work has been admired all over the world but following the pandemic the 43-year-old mother of three says the coronavirus outbreak has killed a once-thriving business.

The Duchess of Cambridge in her wedding dress that Chloe helped make. Credit: ITV News

"We had two years worth of work on our books, Chloe says.

"We had worked for film, theatre, some private commission work and stuff for cathedrals. Anything and everything.

"We were actually almost to a point where we would have to increase our staffing to cope with the workload.

"We're at a point now where we are working out if we can make next month."

In 2011 Chloe was asked to work on the Duchess of Cambridge's dress and in 2018 she was asked to work on the Duchess of Sussex's.

That royal approval helped Chloe climb to the top of her profession.

But now she is now struggling to pay next month's rent and worries about feeding her children.

She says as her business is a limited company she receives no government support.

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