Banksy in Bristol: Where every piece of elusive artist’s work is in the city

Banksy's latest work Credit: ITV News West Country

Banksy's identity might be a secret, but it's well acknowledged the elusive artist is from Bristol.

So it should perhaps be no surprise the city is filled with his work, with nearly a dozen pieces dotted around the city.

From Totterdown and Barton Hill to Park Street and Stokes Croft, there are plenty of places to catch a glimpse of the world famous artist's work in the city.

Here is where you can find them.

‘Achoo’ - Totterdown

The 'achoo' piece is on the corner of Park Street and Vale Street in Totterdown

This is Banksy’s newest piece. It was painted on the side of a house in Park Street and is visible from Britain’s steepest road - Vale Street. 

The piece gives the illusion of an elderly woman’s sneeze being so forceful it is blowing the houses over.

Valentine’s Day - Barton Hill

The Banksy in Barton Hill before it was covered up. Credit: PA

This is another relatively new piece of work by Banksy, having been created in February this year.

It shows a young girl firing a slingshot of flowers on the side of the building.

But if you go to see it, you won’t see much. It’s been covered with a wooden board for its own protection after vandals painted graffiti over it and stole some of the flowers used in the piece. 

Banksy didn't appear to mind, though - he posted on his Instagram page to say he was glad it was vandalised as he wasn't happy with the final piece.

The Mild Mild West - Stokes Croft

The Mild Mild West is in Stokes Croft. Credit: PA

This piece depicts a teddy bear taking on riot police. It can be found in Stokes Croft, just a short walk up from the Bear Pit.

Take The Money and Run

This piece is not in the same recognisable style Banksy is known for now, perhaps because it’s one of his early works.

It’s found opposite the Old England Pub, just off Bath Buildings Road in Montpelier.

Rose Trap 

The Rose Trap Credit: Google Maps

This piece is just a short walk away from Banksy’s Mild Mild West - in Thomas Street North, just before it reaches Freemantle Square.

It’s one of Banksy’s early pieces, depicting a delicate rose lying in a mouse trap.

But if you try to see it, you won't have much luck. That's because it was targeted by vandals earlier this year and covered in paint.

Thankfully residents had teamed up to cover it with a perspex frame, so the original piece was not damaged, but it is no longer visible.

Paint Pot Angel

This is another piece that you have to visit a museum to see. The work was part of Banksy’s 2009 exhibition at Bristol Museum, which showcased more than 100 pieces of his work.

This is the only piece still on display in the museum. It can be seen in the entrance hall.

The Well Hung Lover - Park Street

Banksy's Well Hung Lover is best viewed from Park Street. Credit: PA

The Well Hung Lover is on Frogmore Street, just off The Centre. But it is perhaps best viewed from the bottom of Park Street. The original piece has been vandalised, so part of it is now covered with a blue splash of paint. 

The Girl With The Pierced Eardrum - Hanover Place

The Girl With The Pierced Ear Drum had a mask added to it this year.

This piece has had a makeover recently, with someone adding a mask to it during the pandemic.

The piece is located a short walk away from Bristol’s Harbourside, in Hanover Place near Albion Docks. 

The work is a take on Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer’s work the Girl With A Pearl Earring, but instead of an earring there is an alarm - hence the name.

The Grim Reaper/The Ferryman - M Shed

This Banksy work was originally created on the side of Thekla, a boat used as a nightclub.

But there was concern it would be damaged by the elements and so was removed from the boat and is now on display in the M Shed museum.  

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