School boy and care home resident friendship blossoms after becoming penpals during first lockdown

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A 93-year-old care home resident and a seven-year-old school boy are now the best of friends after becoming pen pals during lockdown.

Lewis Harris and Michael Lugg began writing to each other in March when pupils at Garras School near Helston began sending letters to Parc Vro Residential Home.

While most of the children and residents stopped sending letters when the first lockdown ended, Lewis and Michael kept writing regularly.

Since restrictions eased in Cornwall Michael's been able to visit Lewis, so long as there's glass in between them. Credit: ITV News West Country

"I began writing to Lewis about what I was doing in lockdown, and also meeting with my sister Annabelle and my dad at the shed, " Michael said.

And he quickly won over the heart of Lewis.

Lewis said: "I've enjoyed receiving the letters and they can be amusing to read as well.

"He's a proper chap. He'll be a gentleman when he grows up. He'd make a very good farmer."

Since lockdown's eased in Cornwall, Michael's been able to visit Lewis with his mum Leona, so long as there's glass in between them.

Lewis with Fiona Hoskin who is a carer at Parc Vro Residential Home. Credit: ITV News West Country

Fiona Hoskin, who is a carer at the home, says it's been great for Lewis to receive all these letters.

"When the letters first started coming, the residents really didn't know what it was about. It was all a bit bewildering. But this one friendship between with Michael and Lewis, they learnt a lot from each other. So for Lewis to get all these letters has been outstanding, we didn't expect all this."

Michael hopes other children may be inspired to pick up a pen to help raise a smile.

He said: "They're lonely because of Covid. It's a really nice thing so if you were to write them, it would make them happy and get them out of their loneliness."

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