Little girl's charity decorations raise thousands for local foodbank

  • Report by Bob Cruwys

Hundreds of people in the Exeter will be able to eat a Christmas dinner this year thanks to the efforts of one seven-year-old girl from Exeter.

Sienna Littley decided she wanted to do something to help those less fortunate than her this festive period.

She started making personalised Christmas decorations - with all profits going towards donations for Exeter Foodbank.

Between her and her sister Darcy they have raised more than £2,300.

She set out with the aim to sell 100, but It didn't take long for Sienna to smash that goal, soon she had sold more than 1,700.

Between her and her sister Darcy they have raised more than £2,300.

This money has paid for 70 special food parcels for local families, feeding between 200 and 300 people on Christmas day.

There was also money left over which went towards buying essential items for the foodbank.

Mark Richardson the manager of Exeter Foodbank said: "We are seeing a lot of families, a lot more than usual coming in, people who've never accessed foodbanks before, people who aren't sure what they're going to do, how they're going to feed their family, how they're going to make this time special, so this is amazing."

Michael Dart from Darts Farm who has helped supply the ingredients for the food parcels said they were all "blown away" when they heard what Sienna had done.

Sienna's mum, Sarah Littley said she "Can't believe how many she (Sienna) managed to sell."

She added that she is "mega-proud" of Sienna.

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