Cornwall rescue organisation left bewildered after discovering pink-sprayed hedgehogs

21/11/20-Painted Hedgehog in Cornwall-First and Last Hedgehogs Rescue Centre
Credit: First and Last Hedgehogs

A hedgehog rescue organisation in Cornwall has been left bewildered after discovering two of the creatures sprayed pink.

First and Last Hedgehogs, based in West Penwith, discovered the critters after one bright pink hog was brought in a few weeks ago.

Volunteers from the group removed the paint but found internal parasites so had to keep him in for treatment.

Credit: First and Last Hedgehogs Rescue Centre

In a statement on Facebook, a spokesperson for First and Last Hedgehogs said: ''All wild hedgehogs will have some internal parasites but when they are stressed the balance is tipped and they become ill.

Once he was well again he was released into the garden where he was first discovered but alas two days later another hedgehog was found in the release box sprayed pink.

This is happening in the Porthlevan area.

Please, please get the word out that it is NOT okay to spray paint hedgehogs. These poor little creatures are in enough trouble they don’t need to be marked if they come into your garden."

Credit: First and Last Hedgehogs Rescue Centre

The incident has been reported to Devon and Cornwall Police and has been logged as a wildlife crime.

The rescue organisation is in regular contact with the wildlife crime officer, and any subsequent mistreatment of hedgehogs will be reported and investigated.

If anyone has any further information on the painted hog, they should contact First and Last Hedgehogs Rescue on this number 07759 123911.