Great-grandmother given Covid vaccine on her 99th birthday

All smiles from 99-year-old Sylvia who was given the vaccine with help from her great-granddaughter Alice. Credit: Alice Francis Brimacombe

How is this for a special birthday present?

Not only did 99-year-old Sylvia receive the new Covid-19 vaccination but was given it with the help of great-granddaughter Alice.

A momentous moment for the family to share at the weekend. Credit: Alice Francis Brimacombe

Sylvia Brimacombe also got a big round of applause from all the staff working at the Plymouth Pavilions vaccination centre after they sung 'Happy Birthday' to her.

"It was a happy coincidence." Great-granddaughter Alice Brimacombe has been volunteering since returning from university to help her mother Liz with Plymouth's Covid hot hubs.

Liz Brimacombe, the managing partner of St Levan Surgery, and Dr Amanda Harry set up the Plymouth Pavilions Covid vaccination centre to help 17 surgeries deliver the vaccine to their patients.

The 20-year-old student happened to be volunteering as a clerk when 'Nanny Sylvia' was called in for her vaccination on the day of her 99th birthday.

Alice then supported her great-grandmother while a clinician delivered the vaccine.

Liz told ITV News "it was a happy coincidence" as Sylvia "hasn't seen her [Alice] because of shielding".

"It's been a lovely story for the family."