Bath's Harmonie Rose surprised by England manager Gareth Southgate

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Bath's Harmonie-Rose has been given a special present from England football manager Gareth Southgate.

The six-year-old has been inducted into the Football Association's Lionheart Squad.

Gareth Southgate told the little girl he was '"amazed" at how brave she is and how "proud" he was to welcome her to the team.

The England manager wrote in her card "your passion to make a difference in the world is unbelievable.

"To be young and to have overcome so much is amazing."

Harmonie-Rose had no idea she was about the meet the man in charge of the England football team Credit: FA

The Lionhearts team pay homage to 23 inspirational individuals who have gone above and beyond during this challenging time for the nation.

She joins Captain Sir Tom Moore, Joe Wicks, in the FA's every day heroes line-up

Harmonie-Rose was nominated because of how much she has overcome in her life and how many people she continues to inspire.

When she was only 10 months old, Harmonie-Rose contracted Meningitis B and later developed septicaemia, which led to both her arms and legs being amputated.

The little girl has fundraised £76,000 this year for Meningitis Now.

She was also shortlisted for an international inclusive sports challenge for her gymnastics skills.

When the England manager walked into the room, Harmonie-Rose said "I didn't even recognise you".

Gareth Southgate then joked his mask was a "disguise" before giving her a shirt welcoming her to the Lionhearts.

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