Paradise Park continues fight for survival through winter months

Credit: Paradise Park

The boss of a popular wildlife park in Cornwall is appealing for public donations to help the firm survive after making losses during the coronavirus pandemic.

Director Nick Reynolds made the decision to close the park for winter before a third national lockdown was announced.

He said the financial consequences of the crisis meant “being open during January will cost us money".

The park adds the closure will also help to protect keepers.

Keepers at the park care for more than 1,000 animals. Credit: Paradise Park

The park said it typically makes it through the winter months by using money made during the busy summer season.

"But with the first three-month lockdown and then restricted visitor numbers we have not been able to make up lost income, and the cost of looking after the animals continues every day," Mr Reynolds said.

"So once again we are putting out an appeal to help support the Park through this tough time. It costs a minimum of £46,000 every month to care for the birds and animals, the same if we are open or closed as they always need their feed, and there are staff wages, vets bills, water, electricity, enclosure maintenance etc."

On Monday (4 January) Boris Johnson announced a third lockdown for England as coronavirus case numbers rise.

Under the new rules, which are similar to those introduced in the country's first national lockdown, outdoor animal attractions must close.

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