Fisherman's Friends pay tribute after founding member dies

The group said Peter Rowe was "always, always at the very heart of what we did". Credit: ITV West Country

Cornish shanty group Fisherman's Friends have announced one of their founding members has died.

The group said in a social media post that Peter Rowe "was a Fisherman’s Friend from the very start, and always, always at the very heart of what we did".

He died on 5 January at the age of 88.

The group came together in Port Isaac. Credit: ITV West Country

The group was formed in Port Isaac before going on to sign a record deal and release multiple albums.

The statement says that despite being a massive part of the local community, Peter fully embraced the chance to enjoy a successful music career:

"When we were discovered and began tripping the light fantastic, no one tripped it more enthusiastically, and he always chuckled about that day singing on the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury; although he’d never become a football star, he’d gone one better and become a rock god in his seventies!

"How we’ve missed him since; the senior member of our crew who helped steer us through sometimes choppy waters, we loved him very much and will miss him more than he could ever have imagined.

Fare-thee-well on your voyage, ole Fisherman’s Friend.; it’s not the same without you.

Fisherman's Friends

"Our condolences to his widow Liz and all his lovely family."

The Fisherman's Friends have been the subject of documentaries and even a film. Credit: ITV West Country
  • You can find more information about the Fisherman's Friends here.

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