Mum with coronavirus issues lockdown plea from Gloucestershire Royal hospital bed where people died either side of her

A mother "floored" by coronavirus has hit back at so-called Covid-deniers by posting a video of herself from a hospital bed pleading people to follow lockdown rules.

Allie Sherlock was put on a ventilator at Gloucestershire Royal and told by doctors she would not be alive had she not been put in intensive care.

During her two-week stay, Allie saw two Covid patients die in beds either side of her.

The harrowing experience prompted her to post a selfie video begging people to follow the Government advice and stay at home.

The mum said she was completely "floored" by Covid-19. Credit: Gloucestershire Live / BPM Media

Allie's two young sons, her 70-year-old mother and her asthmatic husband also tested positive for the virus.

In a heartfelt video, shot from her hospital bed, she said: "It's been horrendous. My whole family have tested positive.

"I've been very, very unwell. This is very real, this is happening."

She added: "This has completely floored me. I was told just two days ago that if they didn't put me on a ventilator, I would die."

Allie, who said she was previously a fit and healthy person, hit back at so-called Covid-deniers in her gut-wrenching plea.

Allie said she didn't have any underlying health conditions before contracting the virus. Credit: Gloucestershire Live / BPM Media

Gloucestershire Police recently arrested someone who was filming a video outside the hospital claiming it was empty.

"Please, please follow the rules. This is not propaganda by the Government, this is happening to everyday people," Allie insisted.

When asked what she would say to those who don't believe in the prevalence of the virus, she said: "Don't be fooled, this is happening and this is serious.

"The NHS will not be able to cope if people do not take this seriously.

"This is so important, keep your distance, stay at home, protect your loved ones.

Allie's plea comes as hospital admissions in the county continue to surge and are currently 60 per cent higher than they were at the peak of the first wave.

Health bosses have warned of "rising hospital admissions" and a huge rise in cases if lockdown rules are not followed in the coming weeks.

In a joint letter, leaders from NHS Gloucestershire CCG told people in the county local hospitals are under "enormous pressure".

There are more patients in Gloucestershire Royal with coronavirus than there were during the peak of the first wave in 2020.

Dr David Windsor, the lead for Critical Care at Gloucestershire Royal, shot the footage for Allie as she was inside the ITU ward and said staff were finding it hard.

He said: "Right from the front door it is busier than it has been for long time, the same for the wards and the same for us in critical care. It is really hard, it is really tough not least because this has been going on for nearly a year. This current surge is 14-15 weeks.

"Everyone is pretty tired and it is getting really difficult to pick people up and come in and do the same again. We can see community numbers rising and that is a real concern for us."

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