Ivybridge family fall udderly in love with newest member - Honey the Calf

  • Jonty and Kylie meet Honey the calf and owner Molly

A Devon family have welcomed a new furry member to their home - in the form of a 10-month-old calf.

Moo-ve over for the newest member of the Northmore family. Credit: Carolyn Northmore

Honey, who is a mix between a Charolais bull and a Dexter heifer, has been taken in by the Northmore family, who live in Cornwood near Ivybridge.

The Northmores say Honey has settled in effortlessly, and has relaxed into the pet lifestyle by snuggling up with her canine siblings and watching TV with the family.

Honey thinks the TV is udderly fascinating. Credit: Carolyn Northmore

Carolyn Northmore, who works as a vet, says they decided to adopt Honey after her 18-year-old daughter Molly was furloughed from her apprentice position.

Molly fell for Honey straight away. Credit: Carolyn Northmore

Honey isn't the only furry friend in the Northmore household, the family also have two Golden Retrievers, three Terriers and a Collie - as well as horses, cats and even a goat.

The calf has also become friendly with Rachel the sheep, who lives outside in the family's garden.

Honey has adapted to the pet lifestyle very quickly. Credit: Carolyn Northmore

The family have called Honey's transition into domestic life a 'happy coincidence'.

She was brought indoors last March when temperatures outside were too low for the young calf to survive.

Now, she's not budging from the sofa - with Carolyn describing her as stubborn, but a 'complete and utter pet'.